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We Celebrate Men Every day!

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'When We Strengthen Our Boys and Men, We Stabilize Our Girls And Women'

By Nijaah Howard….

Est. 2012; YMS is a global umbrella membership organization designed to collaborate and uplift agencies, programs, and businesses that specifically empower, educate, engage and revitalize the strength of African American, Latinx American, and other Ethnic men of color through media, consulting, and mentorship. 

We Celebrate Men of Color!

We focus on making the maximum positive effort for Men of our community.

Wardrobe Styling

There is nothing more appealing than a well-dressed man of color, so YMS will always showcase unknown stylist.

Closet Cleanse

From our research many men don't have a family doctor, so we have to speak about keeping their bodies clean, so we men can live longer.


60% of households are led by single women, so we list topics that speak to the core of young men regarding adulthood.

Our Weekly Newsletters

Our weekly newsletters will be adventurous, as we will cover an extensive list of topics such as: 

  • Weekly online newsletter (word/phrase to increase vocabulary & literacy)- More fun and interactive based (clues, trivia, empowering word search, ‘Did You Know’ trivia, comic strips, horoscopes, Winners, Spotlight, contests, Giveaways, Updates, etc.)

  • Letter 82, Let’s Think & Talk, Spicy Topics, Inventors, Word of the Day


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