Holistic Multi-Purpose Safe Space For

Men Of Color To Restore Self Worth.

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In collaboration with organizations throughout that work with men and women in reentry: To assist with reduction of recidivism and getting our men back into our homes, we provide life skills and job ready opportunities for self sufficiency.
  1. Dress Your Best Closet,(do you need clothes to get back on your feet? we take donations in good/excellent condition 
  2. King Pac Distribution, (are you recently released from prison and need a King Pac?
  3. Ex-inmate Self Esteem program, (do you need to get back on your feet and participate in a quality program)
  4. Job Opportunity:(do you need to earn a stable living while learning new skills?

For young-adult scholars or recently released from prison to feel valued and awarded immediately upon release. Instead of jumping on grandma’s couch with no direction, this is a personalized bag specifically for mental stimulation, motivation to share and express love, concern, kindness, and self-love. 

This will launch our “Ex-Inmate Self Esteem & Employment Opportunity Program” which is an 8-week curriculum for Out of school , displaced foster care, and formerly incarcerated men stepping back into society. We offer a ‘Dress Your Best’ closet for those needing clothes, and Free Haircuts by Licensed Female Barbers.