Philip Emeagwali

Nigerian – American computer scientists that invented an inexpensive formula for programing a large number of computers to communicate at once.

Emeagwali discovered and utilized the Connection Machine to build one the fastest computer applications.

 Instead of using 8 supercomputers, he programmed thousands of microprocessors to talk to neighboring microprocessors at the same time. The program was originally intended for an oil discovery problem using a supercomputer.

In 19In 1977, he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics at Oregon State. From 1981 to 1986, he had received three Master’s degrees at George Washington University, which were in Environmental Engineering, Applied Mathematics, and Ocean, Costal and Marine Engineering at George Washington University.

 In 1987, Emeagwali received a doctoral fellowship from the University of Michigan’s Civil Engineering. Emeagwali received the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers’ Gordon Bell Prize in 1989. He is known as one of the fathers of the Internet! ⠀

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