Emotional Fitness

Dear Letter 82, I am married, however I am in love with my personal trainer.

My husband and I have been married for 23 years and I can honestly say that I have the perfect husband. Throughout the years of our marriage, I have gained weight. My husband has never encouraged me to lose weight.

One day I walked past the mirror, I did not recognize the women that stood in front of me. I did not like what I saw, and I knew I had to make a change. So a friend of mine suggested I join a gym. On my first day at the gym, I met a handsome young man who gave me his business card and told me he was a personal trainer. Afterwards, he showed me a few training exercises. I was impressed, so I hired him. We began the training immediately.

As we trained, I grew attracted to him. I could not help myself. He was fine as hell. He was tall with glowing smooth skin. His body was toned in all the right places. He had perfect teeth and a smile that could take your breath away.

After several weeks of training, I felt a change on both the outside and inside. My husband did not notice nor said anything about the changes in my life, but my trainer continued to give me the encouragement I have been yearning for a long time. 

After training with my trainer for the next five months, I have lost tons of weight and I have a new love for myself. Although, I have had no sexual contact with my trainer; I have more of an emotional love for him than my husband of 23 years. I do not feel the same way about my husband anymore. 

Whenever he looks at me or touches me, I no longer get excited. How do you tell your husband of 23 years that you’re not in love with him? Is it possible to get those feelings back or are we done?

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