Philip Emeagwali

 Instead of using 8 supercomputers, he programmed thousands of microprocessors to talk to neighboring microprocessors at the same time. The program was originally intended for an oil discovery problem using a supercomputer.

George Robert Carruthers

The spectrograph/telescope observed radiation and other properties in space so the astronauts could use the camera to record the Earth’s external atmosphere. Carruthers camera was specifically formatted to electronically intensify photos from space through a series of lenses, prism and mirror by the conversion of photons to electrons. 

Freddy Taylor

Since Taylor had a powerful passion for history, he wanted to push the knowledge to other black people. Taylor has been in the internet market space for years. Finally, he tested the market. In 2017, he launched his first product of Black History Flashcards and within a few days those orders of 500 decks sold …

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Frederick McKinley Jones

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