Older Woman, younger Man

Dear Letter 82, I am a 38-year-old woman and now I am pregnant by my son’s 20-year-old best friend,

And I don’t know who I can tell about this change in my life. My son and his best friend are Juniors at the local community college. Since they are such good friends, I suggested that they get an apartment together so they can save money while in school. The only apartment they could get didn’t have any washer and dryer connections, so I let them come to my house and wash their clothes. ⠀

Normally, when my son and his friend have to wash their clothing, they come together, but on this day my son had to work, so his friend came to my home so he could wash their clothes. On the day he arrived to wash their clothes, my 16-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter were in school, and for some reason he never took his eyes off of me. I knew I had ill intentions, but when he arrived, I wore the skimpiest shorts and top I could find. When I walked in my washroom to fold my son’s clothes, my son’s best friend grabbed me and kissed me. When he kissed me it shocked me, he would be so bold, but at the same time I knew I was being flirtatious so I didn’t tell my son.

After three weeks, my son asked me if his best friend could come over and wash their clothes and immediately I said yes!

On that particular day before he came over, I had on a nightgown with no clothes under it. I haven’t had a man’s touch in three years; I knew I was going to be the aggressor. From the moment I opened my door, I jumped at him and we had unprotected intercourse. Now I am scared because I am eight weeks pregnant and I don’t know what to do. ⠀

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